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Lobb Vineyard is a boutique vineyard in North Devon situated in the beautiful hamlet of Lobb near Braunton.

The vineyard is planted on south-west facing slopes with uninterrupted views over Braunton Burrows and the North Devon coast, a stones throw from the famous surfing beaches at Saunton Sands, Croyde and Putsborough.
Trimming around the fruit trees
saunton sands beach

Established in 2019, we chose North Devon because of our love for the area and the breath taking scenery.

North Devon is the same latitude as the south-east of England where the majority of vineyards are located. We have planted two non-traditional grape varieties (Solaris and Rondo) both with early ripening and disease resistant qualities.

testing the acidity and moisture levels in the soil Site location Planted in 2019, the soil is a light loam and the vineyard drains well.  The vineyard faces the prevailing winds. We picked two grape varieties; Solaris and Rondo, both specifically chosen for their hardy, disease resistant and early ripening qualities Read more... marking out the vineyard before planting the vines Preparation Read more... planting of the vines Planting Vines planted were Rondo and Solaris, all vines were planted by hand using augers.  Read more... beginning of barn restoration Barn restoration Read more... Beautiful view over Braunton Burrows and Saunton Sands First years maintenance The first planting was a test planting to see how things went, go through the learning curve and understand how intensive the full annual cycle would be along with getting a feel of the demand for the wine before seeing how many additional vines to plant.   One of the first tasks was shooting Read more... Pruning the vineyard in February Annual pruning The first annual pruning in the vineyard took place in February 2020 and had been booked in the diary for some time. The weather was horrendous, don't think we could have picked a worse window. 45 mph winds, driving rain and 5 celcius. Read more... insect lodge Wildlife push Big push promoting wildlife in the vineyard this year. Read more... full bloom vineyard Making progress   There has been good growth in the vines this year.  This is the 2nd year of establishment and the plan will be to do a first harvest in 2022, with a small test crop to be taken in 2021 as a tester.  We have been focusing a lot on wildlife this year and we Read more... vineyard rotavating Preparation for more vines Marking out for more vines to be planted in the spring, we are letting the hedges grow up for wind protection. Ploughing, mole ploughing and rotavating in preparation. Read more... Trellising and planting Busy few days trellising and planting, thanks to the team at Vineworks for doing a fantastic job. Read more... Testing the equipment Time to test out some of the equipment ahead of our first harvest Read more... First wines First wines from Lobb Vineyard, very pleased with the feedback so far. Not available for sale just yet. Thanks to everyone who has helped and supported this past year Read more...
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The Grapes
mature solaris vines

Solaris is disease resistant, and ripens earlier than almost any other wine grape. The name Solaris, which means “sun”, is particularly apt, as the variety is used in regions noted for their cool climates and low sunshine levels

*information from www.wine-searcher.com


As well as its ability to reliably ripen, Rondo is also well regarded because it is highly resistant to diseases and produces good-quality, full-bodied, deep red wines

*information from www.wine-searcher.com

mature rondo grapes

testing the ph levels at the soon to be planted vineyard view of the vineyard, Lobb and Braunton from near Georgeham end posts for the vertical shoot positioning trellising system first fire at lobbster plot rotavating at the vineyard ground preparations before planting the vines marking out the vineyard before planting the vines hard day setting out the first planting at lobbster plot Part way through the restoration work of the barn hitching a ride on the trailer trying out the rotavator planting of the vines scattering some wild flowers amongst the fruit trees vertical shoot positioning trellising system for Rondo and Solaris grapes Saunton Sands is less than 2 miles away from the vineyard fun in the sand dunes at saunton sands beach new roof joists going in most of the old tiles to be reused inaugural lobbster plot football match view from the top of the vineyard overlooking Braunton Burrows tawny owl box north devon vineyard insect lodge view over braunton burrows saunton sands beach, north devon vineyard rows crow point braunton rondo grapes devonb young viticulture gourmet surf club surfing at saunton sands Saunton sands full bloom vineyard
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First wines

First wines from Lobb Vineyard, very pleased with the feedback so far. Not available for sale just yet. Thanks to everyone who has helped and

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