Beautiful view over Braunton Burrows and Saunton Sands
Lobb Vineyard

Lobb Vineyard

First years maintenance

The first planting was a test planting to see how things went, go through the learning curve and understand how intensive the full annual cycle would be along with getting a feel of the demand for the wine before seeing how many additional vines to plant.


One of the first tasks was shooting thinning to thin out excess shoots to one main shoot and remove all fruit from the young vines.




We were grateful to find Joe who has been fantastic in helping us maintain the vineyard and in identifying and resolving problems like the wind burn above early and helping us to correct any issues.




Along with some budding young viticulturists, who are helping to train the vines into the catch wires.




Any grapes produced this year and next are removed, usually earlier in the season so that all the energy is focused on the roots and main cane.




The spangly new gates and fence courtesy of Joe have helped tidy up the vineyard entrance


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